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6 Disarming Ways To Attract The Virgo Man…

If you are looking for a life partner that can be your rock¬†and always¬†have your back, then the¬†Virgo man is a¬†superb¬†choice. This sun sign will infuse your life with both balance and purpose. However trying to attract these men isn’t always such an easy task. But never fear, because today I’ll be sharing six extremely disarming ways to attract the elusive Virgo man!

#1 РUnderstand the Virgo man’s need for order and stability.

In the Virgo man’s world, everything has it’s proper¬†and rightful place. He craves order and stability¬†abd isn’t interested in dating someone who will¬†turn his life into a chaotic¬†train-wreck.

Virgo men crave order and stability

Show him you’ve got your head screwed on right and can act¬†with¬†discipline¬†when necessary and you will be sure to peak his interest. Not only will you command his¬†respect but he’ll be much more likely¬†to see¬†you a viable candidate for his affections!

#2 РBe patient. The Virgo man is a puzzle that takes time to solve.

With their sharp¬†minds and high intelligence, Virgo men can be kinda¬†complicated¬†and¬†hard to read. Don’t be put off if he doesn’t spill the beans on every aspect of his life right away.

Virgo men are a puzzle

Think of your Virgo man as a puzzle that is waiting to be solved.¬†It might take time and even be a bit of a challenge… but patience¬†will¬†pay off and help him to open up over time.

#3 – Don’t play games…¬†just be straight-up and honest with him.

If you¬†play head games with the Virgo man then you will have zero chance at winning him over. Just be straight up¬†and honest¬†about what you’re feeling and thinking¬†and he will be much more receptive to your advances.

Close couple

This doesn’t mean that you need to spill your life story the moment that you meet him¬†or anything like that. Just don’t blatantly lie and misdirect him or you’ll¬†push him away lightning fast.

#4 –¬†Support the Virgo man in his efforts to succeed and¬†don’t try to hold him back!

Virgo men can be workaholics to the extreme and they place a high level of importance on their career. If you want to attract him then it helps greatly to be supportive and encouraging of his endeavors rather than a naysayer who tears down his ideas.

Support the Virgo man

Don’t take it too personally if he occasionally has to cancel plans because he gets caught late at work.¬†It doesn’t mean he loves you any less, he simply¬†takes his responsibilities seriously and refuses to fall victim to failure.

#5 –¬†Take pride in your appearance and show off your sense of style.

Virgo men are quite visual creatures and they love¬†a woman who has a bit of fashion sense about her. Taking¬†pride in¬†your appearance and showing¬†off your unique sense of style will help to¬†spark his curiosity. It’ll also signal to him that you’ve got your shit together!

Fashionable woman

You don’t need to wear¬†super expensive brand names or look like a supermodel but¬†if you put in zero effort and dress like a slob then he might¬†think¬†twice before dating you.

#6 – Communication is crucial¬†to the¬†Virgo man… so communicate!

The Virgo man is a talented communicator who can¬†basically make love to your mind just through his words alone, even long before you’ve even taken things¬†into the physical realm!

Virgo men crave good communication

He is a deep thinker who longs for a connection with someone who “gets” him.¬†Ask him about his passions and really listen to the things that he has to say. If you can engage his mind and stimulate his intellect then you will have him wrapped around your little finger in no time!

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