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9 Core Traits Of The VIRGO Man…

The Virgo man is born between the dates of August 23 and September 24 and he can sometimes get a bit of reputation for being a bit, well, critical and meticulous about things. However, there really is a whole lot more to the male Virgo personality than most people realize… so today I present to you nine revealing core traits of the Virgo man!

#1 – Virgo men are hyper-observant and instinctively skeptical.

Virgo men pay close attention to the world around them at all times – even the smallest of details don’t get past them. These men require hard evidence before they will believe something and rather than relying purely on the gossip of others they prefer to see something with their own eyes.

Paying Attention To Details

Because of this focus Virgo men are excellent at completing long and complicated tasks that would drive others totally insane to the point of giving up. They’re also great people to organize events as their sharp attention-to-detail ensures that anything they plan will run smoothly from start to finish.

#2 – Virgo men are down-to-earth and they don’t mind sharing their success with others.

Whilst Virgo men have the brains and hustle that’s required to be successful in life they’re not the type to let it get to their head. Regardless of what they accomplish in life they’re always able to remain humble and grounded without getting a super bloated ego or losing perspective.

Couple Sharing Success

Unlike some who might wish to hog all of the glory for themselves these men genuinely love to share their successes with others. They’re also great team players who are always happy to give credit where credit is due.

#3 – Virgo men can be remarkably charming when they want to be.

The Virgo male has a rather charming side that he can turn-on at a moments notice. Usually it comes out whenever he is around somebody that he really likes… or wants something from!

Charming Virgo Man

If you catch him at the wrong time then you might mistake him for being someone who is always cold and distant but you better believe that he can be quite alluring at times. Furthermore, because of his natural desire to please and make others happy he’s also a superb candidate for a relationship!

#4 – The Virgo man is dynamic and evolves with the times.

Virgo men are open to change and they love to engage in new activities and experiences. His versatile personality can make him quite unpredictable at times as he suddenly switches things up right when people think they have him all figured out.

Virgo Adaptable Traits

When things don’t go as he had originally intended, he simply re-evaluates his strategy and comes back with a new and improved plan of attack. He see no point in continuing to do the same thing over and over again if it simply isn’t working… that’s the definition of insanity!

#5 – The Virgo man is practical, results-driven and doesn’t have time for pointless gimmicks.

These men are extremely practical and realistic when it comes to the way that they tackle challenges and obstacles. They have a unique gift for finding simple but ingenious solutions to problems that leave others stumped and perplexed.

Practical Virgo Man

They don’t waste time on unachievable pipe-dreams that are never going to work out and instead prefer to focus their time and attention in places that they know that they can make an impact.

#6 – Virgo men are known for keeping up a wall and being a bit guarded.

Those who aren’t a part of the Virgo man’s inner circle might find him to be somewhat distant and guarded. He has a tendency to keep up a bit of a wall around people that he doesn’t know, at least until he can be sure that he can trust you.

Shy Virgo Man

These men can be quite selective about the people that they befriend and find comfort in people who really understand them, though sometimes they can seem quite hard to come by. When around friends that they have a strong bond with however the Virgo man will open up and really let their hair down.

#7 – Virgo men support their tribe and always have their friends back.

The Virgo man is never one to shy away from helping out a friend that’s down on their luck and in need of assistance. Those closest to him will know him to be extremely loyal and there’s not much that he wouldn’t do to make a loved ones life that little bit easier.

Libra Man Giving A Helping Hand

When the shit hits the fan and everyone scrambles out of sight you can count on him to come through for you. In fact, these men are so damn reliable and competent that everyone should have one in their life!

#8 – Virgo men aint afraid to lay down the law and tell it like it is.

These men have strong convictions and some serious opinions… and they’re not afraid to voice them either. When they see somebody seriously screwing something up or spouting complete nonsense they will often see it as necessary to step in and set things straight. Don’t worry though, more often than not, they will also have a much better solution!

Virgo Men Have Opinions

To some they can sometimes come across as bossy or overly critical but the truth is they’re just on a tight schedule and have no time to waste doing things twice. They’re also more than willing to stand their ground and defend their ideas when somebody decides to challenge them. Make no mistake about it these men are no pushover!

#9 – But sometimes Virgo men can unknowingly offend others who take their criticisms to heart.

Because of their strong opinions and unwillingness to let a situation fail the Virgo man can sometimes unwittingly offend the people that they are addressing. Those not familiar with their style can take their criticisms to heart even when no offense was intended.

Virgo Man Apologizing

These men often see themselves as simply trying be useful by providing constructive criticism… so try not to take it too personally if they give you some feedback that seems rather harsh. They’re usually just trying to help in their own way!

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