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9 Core Traits Of The VIRGO Woman…

The Virgo woman is born between the dates of August 23 and September 22, her zodiac element is Earth, and her sign ruler is Mercury. The symbol of the Virgo woman is that of a maiden representing Astraea, the last of the immortals to leave Earth according to Greek mythology. And together, these women all share some very specific traits and characteristics that form their overall personality. Here are nine secrets of the Virgo woman!

#1 – The Virgo woman is gutsy and not afraid to go after what she wants.

The Virgo woman might seem a bit introverted at times but make no mistake about it: she’s not afraid to make tough calls or go after what she wants regardless of what other people say or think. She’s far from a pushover so don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you can just walk all over her just because she once acted nicely towards you… or she’ll eat you alive.

Virgos Gutsy Traits

This woman will do everything she needs to reach an objective and then some. She is always setting new and bigger goals and once she sets her sights on something she refuses to allow anyone to get in her way. It might take a day, a week or a year but but you can always bank on the fact that the Virgo woman will get there in the end.

#2 – To those who treat them right the Virgo woman is loyal to the core.

Those closest to the Virgo woman will find that she has an unshakeable sense of loyalty towards them. When it comes to relationships she is one of those women who puts her all into making it work instead of just giving up at the first sight of trouble. She sees no point in throwing away everything over a petty squabble.

The Virgo Woman Is Loyal

For many, her loyalty and devotion in every relationship make her an ideal woman for marriage or a long-term commitment. And although this lady will take her time before getting into anything serious, when she falls in love, she is passionate, intense, and romantic.

Be warned though: whilst she rewards loyalty with loyalty she responds to disloyalty with distance. If you cheat or lie to her in a serious way then you’ll quickly end up out of her life.

#3 – Virgo women are intensely analytical of basically everything.

The Virgo woman might sometimes seem as though she really does have it all figured out but deep down she definitely has her doubts and concerns about things. She thinks through every move carefully and pays attention to even the smallest of details. She can also be rather critical of those who lack common sense.

Critical Analytical Thinking

However, whilst she can be tough when critiquing others she is often the harshest judge of all when it comes to herself. Her analytical nature is both a blessing and a curse: on one hand it compels and motivates her to continuously improve on her work but it can can be stressful living inside of her head sometimes!

#4 – The Virgo woman is smart with money and doesn’t waste it on trivial bullshit.

Largely stemming from the fact that she is both intelligent and mature minded the Virgo woman is also rather good with money. She is able to see through all the marketing hype to avoid wasting her money on junk and trinkets. Instead she invests and saves for the things she really wants.

Virgo Women Are Good With Money

She isn’t necessarily a ‘tight-ass’ though and is more than willing to spend on an experience that she feels is actually worth it. In fact, she often has a bit of a taste for the arts. But you also wont catch her going out to blow a years salary on a designer handbag.

#5 – Virgo women are kinda obsessed with self-improvement.

A Virgo woman’s attention to detail makes her aware of her shortcomings and obsessed with improving her results. She’s always brainstorming and coming up with ideas to optimize her performance so that she can get to that next level.

Virgo women are big on self-improvement

You’ll frequently catch her plotting and scheming about how she’s going to take over the world as she carefully considers her next decision. It’s this meticulous and determined spirit that often sees her getting ahead of the pack.

#6 – It takes time to really understand a Virgo women as they don’t reveal everything all at once.

Virgo women are the type of people that you have to actually put some effort into getting to know before they will trust you enough to really open up. Don’t hit them with 20 questions about intensely personal stuff if you only just met five minutes ago. Earn her trust and it will go a long way to getting on her good side.

Mysterious virgo woman

These women have complex and multi-faceted personalities so you should never be too quick to think that you have her all sussed out. Just when you think you’ve figured her out she will go and do something so wildly unexpected that you are forced to completely re-evaluate your assumptions about her.

#7 – The Virgo woman is a freaking soldier who is more than able to hold her own.

Never doubt a Virgo woman’s ability to hold her own in the world. She doesn’t necessarily go around looking for a fight but if you provoke her you can bet your ass she will retaliate.

Strong Virgo Woman

She’s not afraid of a debate either and is able to win many a argument by taking out the emotion and focusing souly on making logical and sound points and then backing them up with facts. When somebody makes an absolutely outrageous claim that she knows has no bearing in reality she can be quick to interject and set them straight.

#8 – Virgo women are organized and able to create order from chaos.

Virgo women are masters at creating order and harmony out of even downright chaos. They’ll organize their home and life in a way that ensures that everything runs smoothly at all times.

Organized virgo woman

She’s a pro at multi-tasking and has a knack for efficiently and systematically working through a checklist until something is finished. She’s also very timely and hates to arrive to anything late!

#9 – The Virgo woman is a notorious perfectionist who wont settle for second best.

For better or worse the Virgo woman will always be a bit of a perfectionist. They have high standards for everything in life whether it’s their career choice or the person that they decide to marry. With these women no serious decicion is taken lightly.

Virgo women are perfectionists

They have a fiercely competitive streak that makes them a worthy opponent in anything that they set their mind to. They’re just willing to go that extra mile and push hard enough to beat out their competitors and come out on top!

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Lee says March 28, 2017

This is great, but, how come all you in my family jump on ME when I demonstrate even ONE of these traits?

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